It is 1964 and a body with a bullet hole in the forehead is floating in the Raquette River, many miles from the nearest town.

Upstream from the body, a secret lab is doing design work for a new fighter plane.  CIA assets in Moscow discover that Soviet intelligence has secret data about the plane. Was the killing connected to the stolen data?  Is there a spy in the Adirondacks?

An Air Force officer working undercover for the CIA investigates.  His girlfriend, a local teacher, provides crucial help.  Then a professional assassin appears on the scene.    The assassin is English, was trained by the British for "special operations" during WWII, but is now working for the Soviets.  It turns out that he does his work with a light touch and a taste for irony.  Why is he there?  Who was the man found in the river?  Who killed him?

    Six Spies in Saranac: A Novel by Jack Heinz

    Deeds Publishing, 2020

    224 pages



    5.5 x 0.5 x 8.5 inches

Six Spies in Saranac

"Beautifully crafted.  Adirondack history galore and spies to boot."  

        — Christopher Angus, author of Flypaper and 

Reflections From Canoe Country

". . . a brisk Cold War thriller with deftly crafted tangles of murder, treason, and spy vs spy treachery.  Prepare to be entertained above all by the deadly character of Ev Hastings, the erudite and wise-cracking Russian spy whom even other Russian spies can't trust.  The CIA's dicey interplay with Hastings provides the story's central drama and keeps the reader nervously but happily on edge." 
        — David A. Collins, JD, PhD former president of the American Bar Foundation

"In this brilliant fast moving story of murder and secretive Cold War treachery, a relentless CIA operative and his fearless girlfriend confront stone-cold KBG assassins lurking amidst the sturdy inhabitants of the Adirondack wilderness.” 
        — William Conger, artist; professor emeritus, art theory & practice Northwestern University



"Six Spies in Saranac, a thriller with murder and spies, has a strong sense of place, subtle humor, and complex characters.  Joe Boudreau is an earnest CIA agent learning his way around the Cold War.  He learns from a seasoned Soviet spy assigned to solve the murder and neutralize the killer. The Soviet spy, a Brit, suspects Joe of being the murderer.  Linda is a strong and smart woman who supplies the romantic interest.  The gripping story is set in the majestic environment of the Adirondacks.  It would make a beautiful movie."    

        — Irvin Slate, retired lawyer

Hot Springs, AK